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Rubble: Unearthing the History of Demolition
  • Auteur.e.s : Jeff BYLES
  • Année : 2006
  • Éditeur : Broadway books
  • Ville : New york
  • Lien :
  • Résumé : Ride the Wrecking Ball Through the History of Demolition

    Rubble is the first-ever biography of the wrecking trade, a riveting, character-filled narrative of how the black art of demolition grew to become a multi-billion-dollar business, an extreme-spectator sport, and a touchstone for what we value and what we disdain.

    Rich with stories of demolition’s quirky impresarios—including Mark Loizeaux, the world-famous engineer of destruction who brought Seattle’s Kingdome to the ground in mere seconds—this account makes firsthand forays to implosion sites and digs extensively into wrecking’s little-known historical record. Told with arresting detail and energy, this tale reveals the scientific, social, economic, and personal reasons for why we unbuild our world.

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